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Language is the natural faculty of communication
in man and horse.

Clear and fine communication is necessary to build a trustful and respectful relationship between human and horse. With a scientific background and a PhD in Language Sciences from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris III and the University of Luxembourg, I apply the principles of natural language in horse training and I value qualities like patience, discipline and calmness.

The horse is the focus of dressage. I particularly appreciate the philosophy of traditional Portuguese riding, where the expression and beauty of the horse is emphasised. Since the age of eight, I have been passionate about horses and I strive to preserve the pride and courage of each horse I train. The approach of classical horsemanship allows to consider the horse in his whole and to develop his body, his intelligence and his character: The horse must be able to both learn and grow in his training.

Groundwork, especially gymnastics in-hand, is the basis of the horse's education. I had the opportunity to train at the Institut du Cheval et de l'Équitation Portugaise in France with Carlos Henriques Pereira and at the Centro Equestre da Lezíria Grande in Portugal with Sofia Valença and her team. Through the work with Lusitano stallions during these two training periods, I started to understand the meaning of lightness and I developed more technique and sensitivity.

The art of riding contributes to the personal development of the rider. Since the beginning of my professional activity, my passion increases and I acquire new experiences every day. I like to dive into the equestrian literature and I continue to educate myself and to go on clinics to improve my activity and my offer.