Language is the natural faculty of communication in man and horse.

With a scientific background and a PhD in Language Sciences, I apply the principles of natural language in my work with horses.

The horse is capable of thinking and learning. It is important that a horse gets the necessary time to assimilate the rider's aids. Patience and calm are qualities that I cultivate a lot with horses.

The horse's health should also be in the spotlight. I always adapt the exercises to the physical capacities of the horse, so it can develop its motivation to work. The best way to keep a horse in good health is a regular and varied training.

Classical riding is the art of training horses and developing their balance through appropriate gymnastics. I particularly appreciate Portuguese riding, which, for me, perfectly combines methodical work and artistic expression. I had the opportunity to train at the Portuguese Horse and Riding Institute and at the Centro Equestre da LezĂ­ria Grande in Portugal.