Training program "Dancing with your horse"

I developed the program "Dancing with your horse" to help horse owners in their a common development project with their horse. This program is custom-made and includes riding in the arena, groundwork and outside training.

Becoming a good rider depends on your own willingness to learn, but also on the level, aptitudes and age of the horse you own. With the program "Dancing with your horse", you offer a healthy training to your horse and improve your techniques through lessons. This way, you and your horse progress together and develop a harmonious relationship.

This program is designed for riders who are passionate of mindful riding and concerned about the well-being of their horse. If you are interested please contact me.

Horseriding and groundwork lessons

I offer private lessons to riders who are interested in my philosophy and who wish to improve their techniques and sensitivity in horseriding. Thanks to regular lessons, you will develop your equestrian feeling and the communication with your horse.

The courses are aimed at horse owners and riders with a half or quarter board.

Courses with JOKER, the horse simulator

Balance is necessary in order for both rider and horse to enjoy riding. I regularly offer courses to develop the rider's balance on JOKER, the mechanical horse simulator. Riders learn to stretch, to relax the pelvis and to distribute the weight in the saddle. Thanks to JOKER, the rider improves his flexibility, rhythm and coordination. These courses are accessible to children and adults alike.