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Dressage of the young horse

Young horses are trained with gentleness and sensitivity from groundwork to riding. The horse's health is a priority and the activities are adapted to the horse's physical, mental and emotional capacities. I offer a varied training program that includes cavalettis and outdoor rides, which guarantees willing and multi-skilled horses that will become ideal partners for leisure riding.


Advanced dressage, fitness, correction training... Together, we define your goals and we set up the ideal training program which is adapted to the capacities of your horse. Correct training keeps your horse healthy and you have the possibility to take riding and/or groundwork lessons to make progress with your horse. I make sure that you can fully enjoy the time you share with your horse.

JOKER, the horse simulator

Balance is the key to harmonious riding. A balanced rider's seat guarantees optimization of the body language and keeps the horse healthy. Take some time to focus on yourself and your body. With JOKER, the horse simulator, you become aware of your own balance and develop sensitivity in the saddle. JOKER helps riders to improve their flexibility, rhythm and coordination. A course on a special horse for every rider!

Courses and workshops

Would you like to improve your seat or to learn a groundwork technique? I offer custom-made courses/workshops that will give you an overview of my approach. I am happy to give you some advice and guide you and your horse in the best direction.