Kiki started training in winter 2019. She’s a KWPN mare born in 2015 and her owner acquired her in order to progress in horseriding. After a check with the osteopath and the vet, it turned out that Kiki has a very oblique pelvis and that she her muscles were very tense. With Kiki, I was able to demonstrate the benefits of groundwork and gymnastics of dressage.

I had to start Kiki’s training from the beginning. At the age of 4 and a half she had everything to learn. I started lungeing to help her with balance and relaxation and then in- hand work to loosen up her muscles. Her education on the ground was very progressive. I gave her lots of breaks between exercises and varied the activities as much as possible. After 5 months, with physical preparation on the long-line, I started riding Kiki. Throughout this period, her owner was taking groundwork lessons to improve her relationship with her.

I‘m very satisfied with the progress of this young mare. Of course she still has a lot to learn, but she is motivated, reliable and receptive. She’s very pleasant and light to ride. Kiki requires a sensitive rider: you have to stay attentive to her behaviour and be very tolerant, because sometimes she’s trying too much and she contracts and blocks her movements. For me, Kiki is a horse to be ridden with a lot of love and gentleness and it is by respecting her rhythm of learning and her limits that a complicity between her and the rider can be created.