Dusty is a Cruzado gelding collected by the Their Voice Portugal Association and acquired by his owner in 2018. We don’t know much about his past, his year of birth is estimated at 2012.

Dusty is very assertive towards humans and other horses. I started to train him in 2019, after having discussed with his owner, who wanted him to be easier to handle and to be ridden safely. At that time, Dusty was pulling on his rope, stopping on the way, chewing everything and wasn't too interested in working. So I began his education, starting by getting him used to the riding arena and working on respect in hand. It took almost a year for Dusty to develop better habits. Now he knows the longe, work in-hand and long-lining. I also started riding him and he assimilates quite well the exercices I taught him on the ground.

Dusty is much more motivated and shows interest in what is asked of him. Groundwork helped him a lot: Dusty has better cadence and coordination. Since he has a difficult body shape and is very clumsy, I do a lot of lateral exercises to help him with mobilization and balance.

Dusty is very lively and playful. He also chews a lot on his bit. As soon as he spots a moment of inattention, he takes the reins in his mouth and bites them frantically, which is funny for him but less so for the reins.

The work with this little gelding is very interesting for me, because I have to show a lot of calm, firmness and patience. With time, I see that the training brings positive results and that Dusty’s relationship with humans is improving. The training sessions are never boring, because Dusty always has a lot of energy. His owner also takes lessons with him and gets to know him every day a bit more.