Harmonious relationships between men and horses are built on mutual respect and understanding. Condor is a great challenge for me and it is mainly thanks to him that I discovered Portuguese riding. As he is tall and naturally stiff, a good technique is required to get him supple and make him easier to handle.

Condor comes from a German breeding of heavy warmblooded horses dedicated to carriage driving. His morphology does not make him ideal for dressage: He has a rather low neck base, a long back and steep hindquarters, which makes collection difficult. Besides his daily training program, which includes, lateral exercises, trottings and long-lining, he does jambette, the Spanish walk and campo.

Condor is very charismatic and he gets a lot of compliments through his size, his shiny coat and his big ears. His owner takes him regularly out in pair driving, which makes Condor used to noise, unfamiliar objects and different environments. In carriage driving, safety is paramount. Horses need to be docile, disciplined and focused on the driver and that is why Condor responds very well to voice in any circumstance.

Condor is a merry, generous and intelligent horse. Since he was 4 years old, we have shared good times together. I can admit for sure that our relationship is based on trust, because I always feel safe with him, whether in the riding arena or outdoors. The relationship that I have developed with Condor is the one I wish for all riders looking for understanding and harmony with their horse.