Condor was born in 2003 and comes from a German breeding of heavy warmblooded horses dedicated to carriage driving. I started taking care of him when he was 4 years old.

His owner takes him regularly out in pair driving. For several years, he participated in many combined driving competitions. Condor is used to noise, unknown objects and different environments. Safety is important in carriage driving: horses must be docile, disciplined, concentrated and attentive to the driver. If Condor gets worried or scared, it's never for long and it's enough to stay relaxed to calm him down.

Condor is very charismatic and a lot of people like him: his size, his shiny coat and his big ears earn him many compliments. Nature has endowed Condor with complex hindquarters, implying an important stiffness that does not make physical activities easier for him. Because of this disadvantage, but also because of the physical effort required for carriage driving, I do a lot of lateral exercices with him. In between the driving sessions, which are mainly done at the trot, he also works on the long-line and I ride him in the arena and in the forest. The most difficult part for Condor is lunging. He does all the lateral exercises at walk and trot, as well as shoulder-in at canter, he works on the volte at canter and at counter canter. He also performs the campo, the jambette and the Spanish walk, an exercise he appreciates very much. I can ride Condor without a noseband because he respects the hand very well.

Condor is always joyful and motivated, no matter what we do together. I can admit for sure that our relationship is based on trust, because I always feel safe with him, whether in the riding arena or outdoors. I can ride him despite the noise of construction sites, take him on roads, cross bridges and roundabouts without any problems. The relationship that I have developed with Condor is the one I wish for all riders looking for understanding and harmony with their horse.