Lunging is one of the first exercises taught to a young horse. Sky is a five-year-old Friesian mare with a curious and sparkling character. She's a quick learner, but sometimes she struggles to keep up due to her morphology: Sky has a long back and a high neck base, which makes some exercises difficult for her, including lunging.

Lunging training starts in March 2019. Sky avoids bending, pulls on the rope, bolts and kicks. It is quite normal for a young horse not to know how to use his propulsion force on the circle. I train Sky on large circles to help her finding her balance and strengthening her hindquarters. At the beginning, I need to use the whip a lot, as she’s taking advantage of the slightest lack of attention to escape from work.

It took a lot of patience and discipline to get Sky to feel comfortable in the longe. Her gaits have become rhythmic and she has more strength. Now Sky understands the meaning of this exercise and her owner also get to lunge her easily.