Sky is a young Frisian mare with a curious, sparkling and intelligent character, born in 2014. She‘s of good will and motivated at work.

Sky’s owner called me in March 2019 to work with Sky. The mare was problematic in the lunge. She was defending herself by escaping, pulling strongly on the lunge and kicking. I went back to working on the lunge from the beginning and trained her once a week. Sky had a lot of difficulty bending and pushing with her hindquarters, she was also putting a lot of weight on her forehand. In the beginning, it was often necessary to use the whip to send her to the circle. She would take advantage of the slightest lack of attention to escape from work. With patience and hard work, Sky began to balance and relax. Then I taught her a bit side pass, leg yield and shoulder in in-hand to help her with the bending.

After a year, I achieved a satisfactory result on the lunge with Sky. Now, the mare reacts very well to the voice and the whip has become an accessory help. Her gaits are rhythmic, she’s more round and active. She also lets herself lunging by her owner and she has understood the meaning of this work.