Horses need correct training to stay physically and mentally healthy. The dressage of a horse should be adapted to his capacities and to his morphology. Cachet-Crème, a 16-year-old English thoroughbred, has a gentle and endearing character. Unfortunately, he suffers from osteoarthritis and a sore back. At first sight, the horse doesn’t look fit: His muscles are upside down, his coat is dull and his eyes look empty and inexpressive. A little fitness training is necessary to revive the colours of this charming horse!

A relationship with a horse starts on the ground. One of the purposes of groundwork is to prepare the horse to carry a rider on his back. Groundwork has therefore many advantages in a reeducation training. When I start riding Cachet-Crème, he’s nervous, he’s jumping and rushing. The training helps him to concentrate and after a while, I can also ride him outdoor. When it comes to the rider’s aids, the thoroughbred reacts with lightness and sensitivity. He even enjoys a little cavaletti work in the lunge.

Both Cachet-Crème's owner and her daughter are taking riding courses and are even doing groundwork. Thanks to a varied training adapted to his needs, Cachet-Crème finally succeeds in finding his balance and manages to blossom within his family, which is a great reward for me.