Born in 2003 and acquired at the age of 14, Cachet-Crème is a thoroughbred with a tender and endearing character. Unfortunately, he’s suffering from osteoarthritis in the hindquarters and a sore back.

The owner of Cachet-Crème contacted me in March 2019 to advise her on the future of her horse. She wanted to improve her relationship with him and offer riding lessons to her daughter. When I saw Cachet-Crème for the first time, I realized that the work was not going to be easy. He was coming out of winter healed from some wounds and he didn't look like a blooming horse: his muscles were upside down, his coat was dull and his eyes looked empty and inexpressive. To me, he seemed lost. I decided to do a training program with the horse, because getting back into shape didn't seem totally impossible.

The first few weeks, I did groundwork with Cachet-Crème and after a month, I started to ride him. He was very nervous and on the eye, jumped at any opportunity and was rushing. With time, he concentrated on work and became less anxious in the riding arena. I taught him leg yield, shoulder in and a little jambette. He was very pleasant to work, the contact with the mouth was light and fine and he was reacting very sensitively on the leg.

After two months, the owner of Cachet-Crème started to take lessons and to learn how to work in-hand. In June, her daughter also took groundwork and riding lessons with him. I also took him outside and in the forest: he was a bit nervous, but brave. The training lasted 10 months. During that time, I made sure that I worked very carefully to relieve him as much as possible of his arthrosis. He managed to blossom within his family, which is a great reward for me.