Each horse learns in a different way and has different needs. Kiki, a four-year-old KWPN mare, starts training in winter 2019. Kiki has a blockage in the sacroiliac joint, which causes muscle contractions. This means that the priority of the training is to work on the relaxation of the mare so she can release the tension.


Dressage training should motivate the horse and increase his self-confidence. Dusty, a Cruzado gelding taken in by Their Voice Portugal, starts training in 2019 at the age of seven. He's an intelligent horse, who needs structure and a clear language from the rider.


Lunging is one of the first exercises taught to a young horse. Sky is a five-year-old Friesian mare with a curious and sparkling character. She's a quick learner, but sometimes she struggles to keep up due to her morphology: Sky has a long back and a high neck base, which makes some exercises difficult for her, including lunging.


Harmonious relationships between men and horses are built on mutual respect and understanding. Condor is a great challenge for me and it is mainly thanks to him that I discovered Portuguese riding. As he is tall and naturally stiff, a good technique is required to get him supple and make him easier to handle.


Horses need correct training to stay physically and mentally healthy. The dressage of a horse should be adapted to his capacities and to his morphology. Cachet-Crème, a 16-year-old English thoroughbred, has a gentle and endearing character. Unfortunately, he suffers from osteoarthritis and a sore back. At first sight, the horse doesn’t look fit: His muscles are upside down, his coat is dull and his eyes look empty and inexpressive. A little fitness training is necessary to revive the colours of this charming horse!